Not compulsory but to make your lessons run as smooth as possible use the following.

A head Set


Yes, a head set with a build in mic or if your computer already has a mic and sound that's fine. All lessons are are extremely verbal, so it's important that audio quality is at it's upmost best.

A computer


Though lessons can be conducted on a smartphone, tablet or note bad. Lessons will be of the highest quality conducted from a computer, either laptop or P.C.

DSL Connection


Again not necessary put preferred. As the conferencing program requires a relatively good internet connection, it is favoured that both the teacher and user alike are using a DSL cable to prevent any lag or complications.

A webcam


A web cam will make the interactive experience between the teacher and student more realistic where you'll be able to see each others emotions and expressions as if you were really in the sae room.

Receipt number


The receipt number is compulsory. It's the number titled on the first email you'll receive after making the payment for the fist lesson. We will ask for this code when you are ready to book your class. You'll be prompted on the book in form when to enter it. So please do not delete your E-mail from us. It should look something like this [#1632-7976]‏