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2# Complete the questionnaire


Once you've registered fill out a questionnaire. You can also see all pricing in the members area. The questionnaire is simple and is designed to help give an idea about your ability and intentions.

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3# Level Check

The questionnaire

Schedule a level check to let us get a better understanding of your ability so we'll then have a more accurate idea of your skill level as well as the learning material we'll be using in during the lessons.

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4# Purchase


3# Level Check

Now you are able to purchase the lesson or lessons of your choice from the variety of options we offer. We accept a number of credit cards from a large range of countries.

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5# Enter your lesson


OK. So you have completed to four steps. No it's time to schedule a lesson. After scheduling you will receive a conermation e-mail with a like. Simply enter the link to start your class.

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