English lessons online

Live language school is an virtual online interactive school that caters to those wishing to improve their English. All lessons are via webcam using an interface that is easy to use. All teachers are in fact native speakers with plenty of experience to ensure you get the most out of your lesson. Some of the services we can assist you with include.


Conversation classes

Conversation classes are topic based where you may decide whether you'd like to free chat or have a topic set by live language school. After the conversation period it is completely up to you to decide whether you're like to go through an interactive worksheet with the teacher which will be on a pdf file. Like all classes each session is a based some, though if you wish to proceed with a group lesson that is significantly more affordable if it's available.


English for business

Business English

With business English classes we generally start the lesson with conversation, before moving onto worksheets which implement new business vocabulary and language. After that we'd practice what you've learnt putting what we've studied into practice. Here is some more information of our business English lessons.


English Lessons for children


Classes for Children

Typically in most private language schools the majority of students are children. Though most clients are late teens and adults there is a students program that is quite enjoyable and interactive keeping students stimulated while learning. Understanding a child's brain is developing there is a lot of absorption that takes place during this delicate period of life. Here we plan to help your child's language ability evolve through out fun programs. Our English for kids is a a great way for your kids to excel in English