About Live Language School

 Live Language school is an  online language centre that solely uses experienced native speakers to conduct lessons. All Online teachers have at least thee years plus experience teaching abroad to ensure you get the most out of your lesson. Live language school's primary motive is to conduct quality English lessons. Each lesson is 50 minutes long with with a variety of different structures lessons to select from. Each online class is tailored to the student's specific needs keeping in mind each individual's interests and language ability making sure our learners are happy with our services. We do this by first issuing a questionnaire and a free level check which should determine the student's level and intentions for taking lessons with Live Language School. For more in depth analysis we shall initiate a consultation with the student questioning what they'd like out of the lessons is more specified. For example if there is extra teaching material that needs to be sourced. Learning through a virtual learning program is great for improving your listening and spoken skills, especially when there is a range of different accessible to you within your walls. There's no English speakers sound like that of what you'd listen to from a learning mix take or CD learning program. With Live Learning school what you'll be exposed to is real experienced friendly native speakers that will not only teach you but let you experience colloquial speech and culture.


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Who Does Live Language school cater for ?
 For the most part Live Language School is for anybody wanting to improve their language skills that is not a native speaker.
Are the lessons video ?
Yes, The lessons are audio video with live file sharing, a drawing pad, a duel internet browser to view sites trait off the web. Student would only have to download the software then lessons can commence.

What level of student and ability do we tutor ?
Students of all ages and skill levels are welcome. Our tutors are very experiences and have dealt with students of every ability and age. Live language school basically works the same way as a private language school with all the same resources and structors as that of a private language school.


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Classes offered


There are a variety of classes offered along with lesson sets. We try to cater everyone's needs with our wide selection of lessons available. If you're wanting to practice conversation and speaking you may sign up for our conversation class which is the most popular of all the classes we specialize in that using a wide range of teaching materials. Business English is another popular one to assist in building strong spoken vocabulary and listening skills needed for the white collar English speaking environment. These two classes are also available in group lessons which is a more cost efficient option. For the young learners to develop there are enjoyable highly engaging child lessons that will improve their English ability. Other more specialized options are available including reading comprehension, test preparation, interview simulation/speech presentation rehearsal. We also have an editing/proofreading service for those that have certain documents that need to be perfected. With the large variety of teaching materials from different sources we use along experienced teachers you're sure to receive the most from our lessons.
So if you would like to begin learning with us today start by registering here.